Medical/Dental Insurance: District pays a portion of the cost of health/dental insurance premium for the employee and for the employee +1 and employee +2 or more.

Life Insurance: District has two policies on employee. The first is associated with the health insurance program and is a $20,000 term policy. The second is a term policy which provides a benefit equal to double the employee’s salary (excluding extra-duties, overtime, etc.).  

Retirement: District currently pays a portion of employee’s and District’s share of Wyoming Retirement System (WRS) premiums. This amounts to 14.815% of employee’s eligible salary. The employee pays 2.305%

Social Security: District pays its share of FICA tax (7.65% of employee’s salary).

Sick Leave: 9-month employees get 6 days of sick leave, 10-month employees get 7 days, and 12-month employees get 9 days, accumulative to the number of days of the contract (e.g., nine month employees may accumulate 180 or 185 days).

Personal Leave: 5 days per year of personal leave. Unused personal leave may accrue or may become sick leave.

Professional Leave: District has an excellent professional leave policy, and many employees make use of this leave. 

Sick and Personal Leave Buyback: $50.00/day or daily rate-of-pay, whichever is less. Employees must have a minimum of 15 sick days at the time of separation of employment to qualify for this buyback. There is no minimum number of personal days to qualify.

Multiple jobs in the District are considered in determining total hours per week.

To qualify for District paid benefits, classified employees must work:

20-24.5 hours per week for 50% paid benefits
25 or more hours per week for 100% paid benefits
0-19.5 hours per week non-benefited

To qualify for District-paid benefits, certified employees must work:

A 50% contract for 50% benefits
50%-69% the % benefits are equal to the % of contract
70% or greater is full benefits
Less than 50% is non-benefited